Collection development policy Collection development policy

A major re-write of our Collection Development Policy took place in consultation with Library staff and faculty during the 2014/15 academic year.

The final version, which was approved at the Information Strategy and Services Committee (ISSC) Forum in October 2015, is available here as Collection Development Policy v 3.0.

An updated version taking into account the fact that there is now no likelihood of a library extension in the short to medium term, was approved at the Information Strategy and Services Committee (ISSC) Forum in June 2017, and is available here as Collection Development Policy v 4.0, covering 2017-2020.

Changes from v 3.0 are highlighted in grey and show further adjustments that are necessary to underpin the move to “digital first” and clarify expectations about approaches to buying library materials in the context of the space constraints. This includes the aim of maintaining print resources within current discipline footprints as far as possible to ensure there is sufficient space on the shelves for new books.

Meeting research needs, as well as teaching needs, is still a priority for the Library in line with the UEA Plan, but the shift is towards “just in time” provision for researchers rather than ‘just in case’ purchasing and collection building. This may also include replacing existing physical stock with electronic alternatives.

This collection development policy aims to enable the Library to work with Faculties and Research Centres to ensure that current and future interests in teaching, learning and research are taken into account when building and maintaining Library collections and to ensure that Library space is utilised most effectively.

The overall approach will be determined by balancing differing needs such as: current teaching, learning and research interests, future known requirements, new course proposals, user preferences, and the University's strategic plan.

The policy received its biannual review by Library Forum in June 2019. Minor changes were made. This policy covers 2020-2022 and is available here as Collection Development Policy v5.0


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