Reporting inappropriate content received in emails Reporting inappropriate content received in emails


Large volumes of unsolicited inappropriate email (spam) are rejected by the University's mail gateway and spam protection systems each day and the Canit anti-spam system traps most of the remaining inappropriate messages, holding them for the user to review and decide whether to delete as spam or whether to let through to their UEA Inbox. There is more information available on the IT Services web page which offers advice on how to deal with spam and on-line threats to personal security. Despite these measures, some inappropriate emails will still unfortunately reach a user's inbox.
If you receive inappropriate email which you feel may need to be reported, please read and follow the guidelines and procedures below.

What to report

If you receive any of the following types of inappropriate email, please report it following the procedures as described in 'Reporting procedures':
  1. Child abuse images hosted anywhere in the world
    The law on images of child abuse is relatively clear. It means any images of children, apparently under 18 years old, involved in sexual activity or posed to be sexually provocative.
  2. Criminally obscene content hosted in the UK
    The law on obscene publications is difficult to define in everyday terms. As a guide it could include images featuring acts of extreme sexual activity such as bestiality, necrophilia, rape or torture.
  3. Criminally racist content hosted in the UK
    The law covering criminally racist material makes it an offence to stir up racial hatred against a group of persons in Great Britain defined by reference to colour, race, nationality (including citizenship) or ethnic or national origins. Report any UK hosted Internet content which you believe stirs up such hatred.
  4. Email suspected to be from within UEA which contravenes the University's Conditions of Computer Use
    Basically any unsolicited email from another at UEA which is obscene, offensive, or offering personal goods for sale, or contravenes the Conditions of Computer Use in some other way, and does not fall into types 1-3 above. For full details of the Conditions of Computer Use follow the link below:
    Usage policies
If the inappropriate email you have received does not fall into one of the above categories, please do not report it to the Helpdesk; our advice is to just delete it.

Reporting procedures

Child abuse images, criminally obscene, or criminally racist (types 1 to 3 above)

If the email you are reporting appears to fit into either of the categories 1 to 3 described above, email just the message subject line and date received to the IT Helpdesk - Do not delete the message and do not take any further action relating to the message, such as following web links in the message etc. It is important with such types of material that you do not access, transmit or forward the material as doing so may make you liable to investigation as a suspect. You will be informed by a member of ITCS investigating staff when it is safe to delete the message. Note, ITCS staff will take a copy of the message direct from your email inbox. 

Email suspected to be from within UEA which contravenes the Conditions of Computer Use (type 4 above)

If you receive an inappropriate email not of types 1-3 above and it appears to come from another person at UEA, then report this as computer misuse using the form at . 

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