Self-Registered Equipment Terms and Conditions Self-Registered Equipment Terms and Conditions

If you have registered or intend to register to use your own computer or device on the University network, then you should read the following Terms and Conditions very carefully. Breaches of these conditions may lead to disciplinary action against the individual concerned.

All users of the University network and computing facilities should be aware of and abide by the University Conditions of Computer Use, a copy of which can be downloaded/ viewed via the link below:

  • Conditions of Computer Use In particular you must not distribute offensive material, illegally copy software, breach copyright, or send mass unsolicited email messages. You should also be aware of and comply with the University's General Information Security Policy:
  • General Information Security Policy
  • Janet eduroam policy. For those users connecting their device via eduroam, the Janet eduroam policy applies.

Also note that University computing facilities are primarily provided for work and study purposes and although use for personal non-academic purposes is permitted, such use should not become excessive and should comply with all conditions referred to in this document.

In addition to the above, the following specific conditions apply to all self-registered equipment connected to the University network.

  • All devices to be connected to the University data network must follow the approved processes for making a connection.
  • You will not allow any other person to use your network connection. If you do so, you will be held responsible for their conduct.
  • You will not make changes to your computer's MAC address, nor attempt to use fixed IP addresses to circumvent the automatic IP address allocation provided by the UEA DHCP service.
  • Your computer should not perform any network server functions.
  • You should not operate any port scanning devices/software. Such will be regarded as attempted hacking which contravenes the University's Conditions of Computer Use.
  • You will not extend or provide additional connections, for example via wireless transmitters or routers, unless the equipment has been approved for this purpose by the IT and Computing Service.
  • You are responsible for the security of your computer and should ensure that up to date anti-virus software and operating system security patches are installed.
  • The University will not be held responsible for:
  • Loss of files/damage to information stored on your computer, or your computer becoming infected with virus/malware.
  • Any personal transactions carried out over the internet . 
  •  The University reserves the right to:
  • Investigate the contents of a connected computer, or network traffic to/from it if network monitoring provides evidence of unusual activity suspected to be contrary to the University Conditions of Computer Use, or a threat to security of the University network and its users.
  • Disconnect any computer which poses a threat to network security or other users (including virus infected computers), or which is suspected of being involved in misuse.
  • Prohibit the use of equipment which causes interference on frequency ranges used by the University's wireless network. Affected devices are not limited to computer equipment and could include some types of telephones, AV transmitters, bluetooth devices, games console controllers, etc.
  • Disconnect any computer whose use of the network is considered to be excessive and where the owner has not moderated their use when requested to do so by IT and Computing Service staff. In this context ‘excessive' can be thought of as activity which is greater than that which would be expected from an average UK broadband home connection (c.2Mbps download and 512kbps upload).  
  • The University cannot guarantee that your computer will be able to connect and use the network. The Helpdesk will provide help/advice on how you can resolve problems, but will not undertake any remedial work on your machine on your behalf.  
  • Network faults should be reported to the IT Helpdesk (tel. 01603 59 2345, email and they will be checked during the next working day (0900-1700, Monday-Friday). Where a large number of people are completely disconnected, ITCS will endeavour to restore the connection within the same working day, unless the disconnection is as a result of misuse or virus activity where satisfactory resolution may take longer.