Equipment intended for connection to the University's network whether University owned or personally owned, should be registered via one of the processes described below:

University owned or managed equipment should be authorised and registered on the network only by IT support staff.

User owned or managed computers may be connected to the residences wired network withOUT pre-registration – the registration for the device will be automatically allocated against the person who holds the licence for the room where the connection was made.

User owned or managed equipment should not be connected to the campus wired network unless authorised and registered by IT support staff.
User owned or managed computers may also be connected via the University provided encrypted wireless network using the JANET Roaming Service (eduroam), in which case the mode of connection includes authentication and no network card registration is required.

Use of equipment on the network should comply with the University policies listed below:

Conditions of Computer Use Policy (CoCU) – usage rules and guidelines applying to all who use the University's IT facilities and network.
General Information Security Policy (GISP) - policies governing IT and information security including connection of equipment.
Self Registered Equipment Terms and Conditions – rules in addition to the CoCU that users whose equipment is self registered should also abide by e.g. students connecting computers in student residences.


In addition to the above users should also note:

No equipment (whether University or user owned) should be used to extend or provide additional connections, for example via wireless transmitters or routers, unless approved for this purpose by Information Services.
The University reserves the right to prohibit the use of equipment which is likely to cause interference on frequency ranges used by the University's wireless network. 
User owned or managed computers connected to the University network should not be used to serve or publish information onto the network.