Passing records onto their corresponding departments Passing records onto their corresponding departments

Once a records retention schedule has been approved, the onus is on associated departments to integrate the policy into their working procedures. It is assumed that processes covering the creation and management of business records are already established, and integration of the RRS requires modification of those procedures.

In particular, the following points should be included:
  • Departments should be clear whether they are the holder of a master record or a duplicate of a master record. Retention of both master and duplicates is not normally required unless deduplicating would present operational difficulties to departments
  • Records should be stored with a note of their submission date and expiry (based on the retention period)
  • Regular reviews of record stores should be undertaken to identify those past their retention schedule
  • When a record set is defined to be reduced to a core set of records at the end of the retention period, procedures should define which parts are to be retained and which destroyed
  • Confidential records should be disposed of using confidential waste services
  • A record of all disposals against the schedule should be kept. The record should include the date, who handled the disposal, and who authorised the disposal 
  • HoDs should each year certify that they have destroyed records
  • Records eligible or likely to be eligible for permanent preservation in archives should be identified and submitted for consideration