Working on the move... Working on the move...

Many staff and research students work on University business while away from campus. UEA systems and data may be accessed or stored on a variety of personal and UEA-owned devices: e.g. smartphones, laptops, tablet devices and USB memory sticks. 

While these devices offer a useful way to keep working on the move, their portability can lead to a greater risk of loss or theft.

...or in the office

Devices can go missing even if you’re working on campus: memory sticks can be lost and even equipment intended for use in a fixed location, like desktop PCs, can be stolen. 

If you’re a member of UEA staff or a PhD student, here’s what you need to know.

Preventing loss or theft of devices Preventing loss or theft of devices

If you lose a mobile device, for example a memory stick, it’s annoying, inconvenient, and may temporarily affect your ability to work. But if that memory stick contains unsecured personal data then a personal inconvenience can turn into a damaging and costly data breach.

You can do two things to reduce the risk of this happening: 1. take practical measures to prevent theft or loss, and 2. secure the device.

Preventing loss or theft:

It's important to know when you and your devices are at risk. The University's Information Security training module will help you recognise and reduce risk. 

Get Safe Online offers free expert advice to help you protect your computer and mobile devices.

Securing your device:

See the IT Service Desk’s Top Tips for IT security.

If your device does fall into the wrong hands, encryption can stop them being able to access the data it holds.

Reporting the loss or theft of a device Reporting the loss or theft of a device

You must always report the loss of any University-owned equipment. If a device containing (or able to access) UEA data has been lost or stolen - even if it’s your own device - the University needs to be aware of what’s happened.

Who to contact:

If a criminal act (e.g. mugging, theft or burglary) led to the loss of the device, report the incident to the police.

As soon as possible after the device has gone missing, you should contact the IT Service Desk.

If you know your device contains personal data relating to University business, read our data breach guidance. Note that from 2018 UEA has a legal requirement to report certain data breaches within 72 hours.

If the device belongs to UEA and an insurance claim may be required, see the University's insurance web pages.