Training to raise awareness of information security Training to raise awareness of information security

An online training module is available which is designed to help you identify and avoid potential information security hazards, whether you're working in the office, on a mobile device or at home.

Originally developed by five UK universities, UCISA has provided the course to all full member institutions to help staff and PGRs understand the importance of good information management and to highlight the specific data security risks that arise in a university setting. The training is available via Blackboard to all staff and PGRs.

The training takes around 70 minutes to complete including a test at the end, with an extra topic taking another 11 minutes available for staff and PGRs working with research data.

Note: This July 2017 updated version of the course includes references to GDPR, video stories, animations and a password game. The refreshed look and feel for the course includes vertically scrolling topics.

  1. To start the course, go to the Learn tab in Blackboard (, and click on the 'Information Security' link, you should see this listed under ‘My Courses'.
  2. Once you've launched the course in Blackboard, click on the link in the top left corner ‘Information Security Training'.
  3. Click on ‘Information Security Training / Awareness updated July 2017'. The training course opens in a new window.
  4. Watch the introductory video, scroll down to read the Summary, click on ‘Begin'.
  5. Run through the course.
  6. At the end of the course, click the checkbox to indicate that you have completed the course.
If you have any question or problems accessing the course, contact the Information Service Strategy, Policy and Compliance team at