About the publication scheme About the publication scheme

What is a publication scheme?

A publication scheme is a guide that describes the information a public authority publishes or intends to publish. The intention of the scheme is to ensure that a significant amount of information is easily and routinely available. 

Model publication scheme for higher education

In 2013 the Information Commissioner's Office published an updated 'model publication scheme' and 'definition document for universities and other higher education institutions'.

These documents set out the types of information universities are expected to publish. The University of East Anglia has adopted this model publication scheme and is committed to publishing the information it describes, as guided by the definition document and the terms of the Act itself. 

Information covered by the publication scheme

The scheme specifies seven classes of information: 

1.         Who we are and what we do 
2.         What we spend and how we spend it 
3.         What are priorities are and how we are doing 
4.         How we make decisions 
5.         Our policies and procedures 
6.         Lists and registers 
7.         The services we offer 

To access the information available via the publication scheme, simply click on the web link provided within each class of information or use the contact information given. This publication scheme is intended to provide a guide to the information that the University publishes, and should not be considered a definitive list. More information can be found using the search functionality on the University's home page.

Information not covered by the publication scheme

Any information not included in this scheme may still be accessible under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. Please contact the Information Compliance team at foi@uea.ac.uk or view the requests for information page.

Copyright statement

Copyright over all the information listed within the publication scheme is owned by the University of East Anglia.


The Model Publication Scheme we have adopted allows us to levy charges for the provision of information in order to recover our costs. However, our policy is not to charge fees to recover costs of providing the information. All online and printed material is provided free of charge.