FOI/EIR Contacts in Professional services FOI/EIR Contacts in Professional services

ARM Admissions, Recruitment and Marketing
Admissions (UK/EU - UKA) Alix Delany x7073
Marketing and Communications Giles Whattam x1582
Recruitment and Outreach (RAO) Sarah Cox x3854
International Student Recruitment and Admissions (ISRA) Craig Smitherman x2212
International Student Recruitment and Admissions (ISRA - Alternative contact) Victoria Isherwood x3438
CCE Careers Service
All queries Jennie Waddington x7638
EST Estates and Building Division
All queries Sharon Weekley x2726
FIN Finance Division
All queries Jason Brown x2108
HRD Human Resources Division
Human Resources Diane Whalen x2733
Centre for Staff and Educational Development (CSED) Amanda Giles x3699
Equality & Diversity / CRB Helen Murdoch x1898
IT & Computing Services
All queries David Palmer x3523
LTS Learning and Teaching Services
All queries Caroline Sauverin x7371
PES Physical Education and Sport
All queries Phil Steele x2399
PLN Planning Office
All queries Leon Doughty x2484
REG Registrar & Secretary's Office
All queries Elaine Rymarz x2771
RIN Research & Enterprise Services
All queries Helen Brownlee x3435
PGR administration Melanie Steele x3870
SSS Student Support Service
All queries Jane Amos x3701
All queries Jill Brown x2491

Accommodation Paul Bailey x3690

USS Safety Services
All queries Paul Donson x2199
VCO Vice-Chancellors Office
All queries

Lisa Williams

Ian Callaghan



Development Office queries David Ellis x1168
Development Office Alternative contact Diane Rhodes x3776

FOI/EIR Contacts in Faculties FOI/EIR Contacts in Faculties

FMH Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences
MED queries Colin Bryant x1175
HSC queries Fel Hinch x3916
HUM Faculty of Arts and Humanities
All queries John Tully x7385
Alternative HUM contact Susan Amphlett x3663
SCI Faculty of Science
All queries Sarah Lucas x2571
SSF Faculty of Social Sciences
All queries Kirsty Walne x1183