Frequently asked questions for requesters Frequently asked questions for requesters

Common questions about submitting requests for information are offered below.

Q. How do I make a request?
A. Complete the form on this web page.

Q. Can I specify the format in which I receive the requested information?
A. Yes. Tell us how you would like to receive the information, and we will do our best to provide the information in that format. If the information held by the University consists of, or forms part of a dataset, the University will, so far as reasonably practicable, provide that information in a reusable electronic format, based on open standards (e.g. a Comma Separated Value' (CSV) file). Any datasets released under FOI will also be licensed so you will know how you can use and reuse the information they contain.

Q. Is there a limit to the number of requests that I can make?
A. No, there is no specific limit. But if you submit a lot of requests in a short period of time, we may aggregate them together for the purposes of assessing costs.

Q. Does it cost to make a request?
A. No. If the request is likely to be particularly burdensome, the public authority has the option to charge for the request, but policy at UEA is not to charge. Under these circumstances, the requester would be invited to rephrase the request so a response can be provided without the need to impose costs.

Q. I'm not happy with the response I've received. What can I do?
A. Contact the University at within 60 days of date of the response letter. While not strictly speaking required, it would be helpful if you could point out what you are unhappy about.