Disclosure Log: Procurement 2013-14 Disclosure Log: Procurement 2013-14

Ref Days taken Category of
14_186 20 Public Commercial relationships with specific companies Response Partially released  
14_082 17 Commercial organisation Procurement of emergency electrical supplies Response
Appendix A
Partially released  
14_077 13 Campaigning group Garment spending 2013/14 Response Partially released  
14_056 20 Campaigning group University procurement practices Response
Appendix A
Partially released  
14_013 10 Staff, researchers, students from other institutions e-procurement Response
Appendix A
Partially released  
13_179 13 Campaigning group Clothes purchased statistics Response Partially released  
13_167 16 Commercial organisation IT expenditure Response Released in full  
13_110 16 Campaigning group Commercial company relationships Response Released in full  
13_101 20 Commercial organisation Suppliers of cleaning and hygiene products  Response Partially released Public interest test utilised
13_088 12 Staff, researchers, students from other institutions Recent OJEU tender information Response
Appendix A
Released in full  
13_039 10 Public Mobile phone contracts Response Partially released  


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