Disclosure Log: Other Research 2015 Disclosure Log: Other Research 2015

Ref Days taken Category of
15_248 2 Journalist Investigation into Phd thesis Response Refused  
15_208 11 Other stakeholders Specific document relating to research funding Response Not held  
15_180 20 Journalist Research retraction and investigation Response Partially released  
15_162 6 Public Energy related research Response Released in full  
15_161 11 Campaigning group Climate-related advice provided by UEA Response Not held  
15_143 13 Staff, researcher, student from other institution Renewable energy research Response Released in full  
15_124 10 Public Research expenditure Response Released in full  
15_047 19 Public Climate change related research funding Response Refused  
15_036 13 Journalist Research funding Response Released in full  
15_035 16 Journalist ESRC data plan compliance

Appendix A

Partially released  
15_017 9 Public Fracking research grants Response Released in full  

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