Disclosure Log: IT Provision and Use 2017 Disclosure Log: IT Provision and Use 2017

Ref Days taken Category of
17_313 6 Public Telephony and network services Response Released in full  
17_308 10 Public WAN services Response Released in full  
17_274 20 Staff, researcher, student from other institution Corporate Information Systems Response
Appendix A
Partially released  
17_273 15 Public Hardware maintenance contract and associated costs Response Partially released  
17_260 16 Public Cyber security Response Released in full  
17_218 20 Public Cyber security incidents Response Partially released  
17_208 19 UEA staff Student surveys Response Partially released  
17_198 20 Public MFD and printers Response Partially released  
17_200 3 Public Use of IT research providers Response Released in full  
17_192 8 Public Use of non-institutional technologies for education Response Partially released  
17_186 15 Public Printers and MFDs Response Released in full  
17_185 12 Public Finance IT systems Response Released in full  
17_164 20 Journalist Cyber attacks Response Refused  
17_150 17 Journalist Internet usage data requested by emergency services Response Not held  
17_134 7 Public Remote IT services Response Released in full  
17_130 14 Public Recruitment agency spend across IT services Response Released in full  
17_123 20 Journalist Cyber attacks Response Partially released  
17_076 18 Public IT infrastructure Response Partially released  
17_070 16 Public ERP systems and oracle databases Response Partially released  
17_046 20 Public Photocopiers, MFDs and desktop printers Response released in full  
17_043 9 Public ICT strategy, structure and operations Response Partially released  
17_025 20 Journalist Ransomware attacks Response Partially released  


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Please note that web and email addresses provided within the released documentation were correct at the time of disclosure, however many links may subsequently be out of date.