Disclosure Log: IT Provision and Use 2013-14 Disclosure Log: IT Provision and Use 2013-14

Ref Days taken Category of
14_233 19 Commercial organisation IT spend information Response Partially released Public interest test utilised
14_231 14 Not recorded IT equipment disposal Response Partially released  
14_212 5 UEA staff Campus card refunds Response Not held  
14_210 20 Not recorded Internet usage by staff and students Response Partially released  
14_204 19 Commercial organisation Financial accounting software Response Partially released  
14_202 12 Commercial organisation Copies and usage of photograph Response Released in full  
14_181 6 Not recorded Software audit Response Released in full  
14_180 3 Journalist Access to specific IP addresses Response Not held  
14_166 6 Campaigning Group CBI Contributions Response Released in full  
14_163 8 Public Servers Response Released in full  
14_146 3 Public Printers and MFDs Response Released in full  
14_144 5 Public Printers and MFDs Response  Released in full  
14_140 20 Public Hardware maintenance and costs Response  Partially released  
14_135 20 Not recorded External/3rd party hosting contracts for provision of IT Services


Appendix A

Partially released  
14_134 2 Public Fixed telephony, broadband and WAN contract information Response Released in full  
14_129 18 Not recorded Blackboard VLE software expenditure Response Partially released Public interest test utilised
14_117 4 Commercial organisation Conference call services Response Partially released  
14_116 19 Public UEA IP addresses Response Refused Public interest test utilised
14_115 4 Public Blocked websites Response Released in full  
14_062 2 Not recorded Networking contracts Response Released in full  
14_017 7 Not recorded Telephone maintenance and support contract information Response Released in full  
14_002 5 Not recorded ERP IT system/software Response Partially released  

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Please note that web and email addresses provided within the released documentation were correct at the time of disclosure, however many links may subsequently be out of date.