Ref Days taken Category of
17_305 11 Public University finances Response
Appendix A
Partially released  
17_297 4 Public Payment providers Response Released in full  
17_293 3 UEA student UEA's relationship with Barclays Bank Response Released in full  
17_291 5 Journalist Library fines Response Refused  
17_290 13 Public Annual income of SWK from research studies Response Released in full  
17_289 20 Journalist Surplus made from student accommodation Response Released in full  
17_265 17 Public Library fines Response Refused  
17_259 23 Journalist Grants, donations, funding or benefits received by the University Response Not held  
17_255 20 Public University's accounts payable and VAT administration Response Released in full  
17_182 14 Journalist Budgets for student support Response Released in full  
17_172 17 Public Funding from fossil fuel industry  Response Released in full  
17_148 8 Journalist Budget for counselling Response Released in full  
17_146 19 Public Recruitment agency spend Response Released in full  
17_144 15 Public University budget Response Released in full  
17_129 15 Journalist University banking Response Released in full  
17_106 14 Journalist Pensions Response Partially released  
17_091 20 Journalist Wealth screening Response
Appendix A
Partially released  
17_082 20 UEA student Spend on promoting NSS Response Partially released  
17_081 14 Public Library fines Response Released in full  
17_079 17 Public Expenditure on MOOCs Response Released in full  
17_077 20 Campaigning group Investments 2016 Response
Appendix A
Released in full  
17_073 18 Public Supplier spend Response Refused  
17_071 11 Journalist Sources of funding from certain countries

Appendix A

Partially released  
17_063 12 Campaigning group Payments to NUS Response
Appendix A
Partially released  
17_044 20 Public Library fines Response
Appendix A
Released in full  
17_031 3 Staff, researcher, student from other institution HEI payments methods questionnaire Response provided directly by FIN Released in full  
17_010 8 Staff, researcher, student from other institution Spend at University catering outlets Response Released in full  
17_003 20 Commercial organisation BACS payments and direct debit collection software Response Partially released  

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