Disclosure Log: Estates and Building Matters 2017 Disclosure Log: Estates and Building Matters 2017

Ref Days taken Category of
17_310 19 Public Energy supply Response Released in full  
17_263 20 UEA staff Gender neutral toilets Response Not held  
17_252 2 UEA student Security Services budget Response Released in full  
17_211 19 Public Mail services Response Partially released  
17_209 19 UEA staff Wheelchair accessibility on campus Response Partially released  
17_196 8 Commercial organisation Arboriculture/tree surgery contracts and expenditure Response Released in full  
17_189 13 Commercial organisation Heating in halls of residences Response Partially released  
17_183 2 Public Water usage Response Released in full  
17_168 18 Staff, researcher, student from other institution University use of modular construction Response
Appendix A
Released in full  
17_160 3 Commercial organisation Parking Response Partially released  
17_155 5 Public Use of energy management systems Response Partially released EIR
17_122 13 Journalist University property Response Released in full  
17_113 20 Commercial organisation Electrical installations Response Partially released  
17_107 8 Public Facilities services Response
Appendix A
Partially released  
17_099 3 UEA student UEA accommodation Response
Appendix A
Released in full  
17_055 4 Commercial organisation Car park management Response Released in full  
17_030 16 Public Integrated facilities management services Response Released in full  
17_011 13 Public


Response Released in full  

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