The environmental regulations and your rights The environmental regulations and your rights

Under the terms of the Environmental Information Regulations, individuals have the right to request any environmental information that is held by the University. This includes all digital and print records, information and data regardless of how old the information is and where it is stored. The University has 20 working days in which to deal with a request.

Requests can be submitted in any format (letter, email, fax, or oral) to any employee of the University. However, for clarity and to better assist you in obtaining the information sought, we would suggest that you provide your request in written format, or allow a staff member to transcribe your request, if in oral form. We cannot, however, insist on this and you are free to submit a verbal request. We will, however, obviously require some contact address to allow us to respond to your request.

You do not have to cite the Environmental Information Regulations for your request to be valid. We may, however, ask you to clarify your request so that we fully understand exactly what is being requested.

The University already makes public large quantities of the environmental information that it holds, and a description of all information that we publish is available in our Publication Scheme or from the University's Information and Policy and Compliance Manager.

For more information and advice on how to request information from the University please visit the requests for information page.