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Here is the summer edition of the Information Compliance Newsletter. If you'd like to let us know what you think, please visit our contacts page

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  • The Information Commissioner has agreed that providing information to disprove the theory of relativity would exceed the costs limit provided for under section 12 Freedom of Information Act. The FOI requester sought the information after being "woken by God at 3am in the morning and told that Einstein had gotten his second theory of relativity wrong." The University withheld the information on the basis that fulfilling the request would involve soliciting and collating responses from all of the University's 10,845 members of staff. 
  • The Guardian reflects on their findings about students using tech to cheat in exams. The information was gathered via FOIA requests.
  • Information Rights and Wrongs blog looks at the Home Office and Ministry of Justice's recent track record in responding to FOI requests within the statutory 20 working day timeframe, and asks why the ICO isn't doing more to improve the situation.

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