To support teaching To support teaching

Teaching is a core activity at the University, and the use of technology and information services is transforming pedagogy and supporting new ways of learning.  The University's Learning and Teaching Strategy puts a greater emphasis on the use of technology to support teaching and this will inevitably be a key area of focus for ISD.

There are a number of dynamics that will need to be considered; systems that support the delivery of Learning and Teaching; systems that support the administration of Learning and Teaching; virtual learning environments; and physical learning environments such as the library.  New approaches to support may need to be developed.

Information resources can be delivered at any time to any place, and data stored in supporting systems can be analysed to improve our understanding of how students learn. 

Supporting Teaching

  • We will continue to push for investment in learning technology support and we see this as being the key area for ISD and UEA to innovate.
  • We will investigate ways in which increased use can be made of existing resources to support teaching and try to embed this more closely within course development processes.
  • We will provide specialist services to support student and staff teaching including face-to-face, online and one-to-one expert tuition in using library resources effectively.
  • We will support mainstream academic teaching by consolidating our links with Faculties and other academic support providers, taking every opportunity to link our offering to the curriculum whenever possible.
  • We will review whether our current structures and approaches are effective for providing support for the development of teaching and learning materials and content. 
  • We will investigate ways of providing support for all aspects of course content creation, including audio and video capture/editing, screencasting and animation.
  • We will work with CSED on the development of courses to support academic staff in the innovative use of tools for teaching.
  • We will continue to support the drive to improve assessment and feedback. This will require closer join up of administrative systems and teaching and learning systems.
  • We will continue to support the drive to improve timetabling and investment in the wider development of the Student Records Systems.
  • We see big data, learner analytics and improved management information as providing potentially useful tools that could support learning and teaching, student support activities, student experience and student recruitment.  This will be an area in which we will be developing a business case to support further development.