To support student learning and employability To support student learning and employability

We are keen for all students to make the most of their time at UEA and benefit from use of the services we provide.  Students will have a variety of devices to connect to our services and come with varying levels of competence in using IT and Library services. While with us, we will aim to help them get the most from our services, and develop skills in the use of information which they can apply in their future employment.

Physical learning spaces

  • We will find ways to improve the physical environments and ensure that these are clean, safe and provide a positive inducement to learning. 
  • We recognise that study can take many forms and will continue to develop spaces within the Library that support different modes of study. 
  • We will provide support for the development of study and teaching spaces across campus with a particular focus on the technology. 

Diversity and support

  • We will make accessing our services as simple as possible.
  • We will support students with additional needs when using our services.
  • We will make connecting and using your own equipment as simple as possible.
  • We will extend the availability of our services where possible making services available on personally-owned equipment.

Student information skills development

  • In partnership with other academic support services, we will provide a skills programme that will support students in developing information and digital literacies. In turn, these will help to inform core graduate and postgraduate attributes.