To support research and enterprise To support research and enterprise

Research by its nature pushes back boundaries in knowledge and understanding. To support this, we need to provide local services which can be dynamic and flexible, and accommodate the growth in use of high performance and specialist computing and the analysis of large datasets.  Requirements from government and funders mean we will need to provide wider access to research data for extended periods and beyond the life of the project which will have an impact on our storage provision.

IT support for researchers

  • We will continue to develop and invest in support for high performance computing services.
  • We will provide the opportunity for researchers to purchase support for software development as part of their research grant.
  • We will continue to develop research computing induction courses for researchers and PGRs.
  • We will provide support for the installation and management of bespoke scientific applications and provide support for specialist research IT systems.
  • We will seek to develop tailored research computing support for researchers and research groups.

Research data management

  • We will provide a secure storage solution for research data at a competitive price point.
  • We will work with Research and Enterprise Services (REN) on the development of a solution to support the emergent requirements for research data management, discovery, preservation, metadata and open access research data.

Library support for researchers

  • We will develop an information and digital literacy skills offering specifically for researchers to supplement our existing contributions to the University's formal PPD programmes.
  • We will develop improved interlending services to source items we do not hold in stock, in order to supplement our existing research collections.
  • In partnership with REN, we will provide guidance and support for the deposit of full text publications in the UEA Current Research Information System (PURE) and the UEA Digital Repository.
  • We will advise researchers on open access and advocate for full compliance with funding and research council mandates whilst being sensitive to the differences between disciplines.
  • We will outline the benefits of open access to PGR electronic theses and, in liaison with the PGR Office, provide support around IPR and copyright clearance in cases where students or supervisors have concerns.
  • We will identify opportunities to support researchers visiting UEA from other institutions including doctoral studentships.
  • We will work closely with faculty on the development of the Archive to maximise its relevance to current and future research interests.

Enterprise and spin-out companies

We will provide support for spin-out companies and other enterprise initiatives including student enterprise. Though restrictions due to our licensing arrangements will apply.