To improve the long-term operational efficiency and effectiveness of ISD To improve the long-term operational efficiency and effectiveness of ISD

While there will always be demand for new information services and the need to review and consider what we provide, the key focus of this strategy is how we provide services.

Financial sustainability of ISD Services

  • Working with the Finance Division we will ensure that our procurement activities provide the best value for the University.
  • Working with the Finance Division we will explore innovative ways of identifying sources of funding needed to progress developments and service enhancements. Combining shared interests also gives an opportunity to exploit economies of scale.
  • We will explore opportunities for outsourcing and shared services where these are shown to deliver additional value for money and enable us to refocus on higher value activities.
  • We will ensure that any request for investment is underpinned by a robust business case and we will support other areas of the University when making requests for information systems or services.

Efficiency in the way we manage service delivery

  • We will adopt best practice approaches for the management of our services. For the IT services, this will be supported by a phased adoption of ITIL which will be underpinned by the introduction of a new IT Service Management system.
  • Where appropriate, services shall be described in service level definitions which will include key performance metrics.

Efficiency in the way we manage service development.

  • We will actively manage the development of services by providing a feedback loop from service users to service owners and operators.
  • We will monitor and report on service delivery and establish formal annual service reviews to seek decisions on developments to aid the understanding of service quality and to identify areas for improvement.
  • We will use best practice project management processes to manage significant changes to existing (and the establishment of new) services.
  • Changes to services will be coordinated across the department's Programme of Work (POW). We will ensure that changes introduced via the programme bring measurable improvements to service aligned to the department's strategic aims.

Continuous improvement.

  • We will undertake process review work where appropriate and will support other areas of the University in process improvement as part of systems development activities.
  • We will seek to free up staff time to focus on high value adding, user focused activities. This will be achieved through increased automation, leveraging self-service and cessation of non-value adding services.

Supplier Management.

  • We will ensure that our staff have the appropriate skills and support to take a proactive approach to the management of our contracts and suppliers.
  • We will hold regular contract review meetings with our key suppliers to ensure that we are receiving best value for money. For contracts with a value in excess of £20,000 per annum, these will be at least annually.

Business Continuity.

  • We will ensure that we have appropriate plans in place to ensure the business continuity of ISD services.
  • We will work with other departments on the establishment of their own business continuity plans where there is a critical dependency on a services provided by ISD.
  • We will backup agreed information to ensure against systems failure. In the event of systems failure, we will restore service as soon as possible and within an agreed timeframe following established disaster recovery plans.
  • We will ensure that all ISD key processes are fully documented and confirm that appropriate knowledge transfer and sharing has been undertaken in service delivery teams to ensure service continuity.