To ensure Library resources meet the needs of our users To ensure Library resources meet the needs of our users

The Library collections are key resources supporting teaching and research.  These are made up of physical books and journals as well as extensive electronic resources. The Library building is under pressure to provide more space for study within its existing footprint, and we need to strike the right balance between these three areas.

Library collection development

  • We will refocus our approach to managing the physical collections to ensure that holdings support current teaching and research. This will include a greater use of demand-driven acquisition.
  • Where digital content is available in perpetuity we will withdraw the physical holding. Similarly, subject areas that are no longer taught will be withdrawn from the collection. We need to do this to fit within the physical constraints of the building.
  • We will provide access to a wider diversity of learning materials, including audio-visual content.

The Online Library

  • We will invest in and develop the online Library and find ways to demonstrate its increasing value and relevance to the core activities of the University.
  • We will improve search and discovery tools and seek new technologies that will allow us to embed resources directly into learning environments.
  • We will continue to improve the authentication processes to make access to licensed resources both on campus and off campus as seamless as possible.
  • We will prepare for the potential step-change in e-book market penetration and open access journal publishing.
  • When a required textbook is available as an e-book, we will look to buy an electronic version if it offers better access and value for money than the print.