To invest in our staff and develop a service culture To invest in our staff and develop a service culture

We recognise that the quality of the services we deliver will only be as good as the people who deliver them. As well as ensuring we have appropriately skilled staff employed in ISD roles, we need to develop a service culture among all our staff and gain a better understanding of the actual experience of using our services.

Staff development and service culture

  • In the rapidly changing world of information services, staff need opportunities to review trends and to reskill or learn more about the tools and services they manage.  While keeping services running, we will seek ways to provide time for service development and innovation.

Staff recruitment

  • We will recruit the best staff available to meet our service delivery aspirations.
  • We acknowledge that in some areas it can be difficult to find skilled staff. We will therefore provide structures to grow our own staff through the use of internships, secondments and training programmes.