To ensure our communications are effective To ensure our communications are effective

We need to improve the way that we tell the community about the services we offer and seek to leverage appropriate utilisation of our services, reducing the need for the uptake of substitute services and enabling us to celebrate our successes.  

Responsive helpdesks

  • The helpdesks will provide a comprehensive query and help service for all users with the intention of addressing as many requests as possible at first contact.
  • The helpdesks will ensure that all requests are responded to in a timely and appropriate fashion.
  • Communications from the helpdesks will be jargon free, timely, appropriate to the audience, direct and to the point.
  • Common queries and issues will be proactively documented and published on the ISD website.  These will be fed back into service review to inform potential service changes.
  • We will develop self-service options.

Clear and informative web pages

  • We will ensure that the ISD website is easy to navigate, accurate, up to date, comprehensive and easily accessible and provides targeted relevant information.  We will identify audience specific information for targeted delivery via the University Portal.
  • We will use new approaches to delivering information and ensure that the right information is provided to the right user at the right time via the most appropriate means to achieve these aims. This will include embedding our information directly into the University Portal.
  • We understand the ISD web site provides a ‘shop window' into the department and will aim to ensure it accurately reflects the quality of the services we deliver. We will use a variety of media to deliver our message and use the ISD web pages as a means of demonstrating alternative approaches to delivering web content.

Articulating service

  • We will create an accessible service catalogue providing information on all services offered by ISD and where appropriate key performance indicators for the services will be developed and reported.

Introduction and induction for new staff and students

  • To raise awareness of the range of ISD services available, encourage best practice, and to anticipate and address the most common queries from those new to the institution, we shall provide short inductions to staff and students within a month of their joining the institution.

Specialist guidance and liaison from IT Account Managers, Research Computing, Learning Technologists, Information Policy and Compliance Managers, and Faculty Librarians

  • For more involved or complex queries, we will provide a bespoke specialist query and solution service covering IT, Learning Technology, Information Compliance and Library services.
  • Rather than wait on requests, we will actively liaise with Faculties to ensure our services are meeting their needs and the University's obligations.