ISD Strategy Vision and Key Principles ISD Strategy Vision and Key Principles


ISD will take pride in making an efficient and effective contribution to the delivery of the University's academic aims.

Key Principles

Getting the basics right

We will ensure that all ISD Services are fit for purpose, robust, and resilient, and we will be courteous in all our dealings with users. By working in partnership with our users and other services we will adopt a user centric approach to service development and delivery.

Continuous improvement

Services will be subject to monitoring and review so we know what we need to do to make them better, and we will put plans in place to do so. We will report on our performance.

Supporting diverse service needs

We will support diversity where doing so will make a positive difference, and we will ensure that the core service provision is flexible enough to support and allow for local augmentation. We will strive to ensure the accessibility of our services for all.

Flexible and agile enabler

We will support and facilitate fundamental changes required to transform the way the University approaches learning and teaching, research and enterprise.

Ensuring value for money

We will ensure that the total cost of each of our services is understood and clearly articulated, and we will aim to realise the full return on investments.