Project manager's handbook Project manager's handbook

This page is intended to provide staff within ISD a set of resources that they can use when managing projects. The project manager's handbook is designed to provide staff with an overview of the ISD process they need to follow when managing a project. Additional tools and resources are also described that may be of help to potential project managers. These resources are meant to be used as and when the project manager feels it is appropriate for the project that they are working on.

A full copy of the project manager's handbook can be found here. The handbook is made up of the following sections:

  • Definitions: Describes terminology and provides definition for key concepts and roles within a project. A description of a project lifecycle is also provided.
  • ISD Process: Describes the internal ISD process each project manager should follow when starting and running and project.
  • Tools and Techniques: Describes useful tools that can be adopted by project managers within each of the project lifecycle stages.
  • Hints and Tips: Describes additional help and useful tips that will aid managers to run a successful project.
  • Project Support: Describes where to get additional help when starting a project.

Project Templates

As well as the project managers handbook a full suite of templates and additional guidance is provided as in the table below.

Doc Number Template Name Template Guidance Notes
1 Project Proposal Yes Yes Example Project Proposal 123
Full Business Case & Example 1
2 Project Plan Yes Yes Example Project Plan 1
Risk Checklist (to help complete appendix B)
3 Stage Review Yes Yes  
4 Change log Yes Yes  
5 Action / Issue / Risk Log Yes No  
6 Budget Spreadsheet Yes No  
7 Highlight Report Yes Yes  
8 Post Project Review Yes Yes  
    Additional Templates
1 User Acceptance Test Yes  Yes  
2 Communications Plan Yes  Yes  Additional Guidance on ISD Communications
3 Business Process Design TBC  TBC  

The figure below shows project manager's when the templates provided can be used and if there is a requirement that they must be used.