Contacts in Information Services Contacts in Information Services

Lists of the Directors, Heads of Departments and key service contacts within Information Services are provided below.

There is also an A-Z list of all ISD staff and a staff structure document for ITCS staff. [, 201KB]

Comments / Suggestions about Information Services can be made online or printed forms are available at all service points.

 External callers: the telephone extension should be preceded by 01603 59

Key Service Contacts Key Service Contacts

  Email address / Online Tel. extension
IT Service Desk 2345
Library Helpdesk 2993
Book loan renewals Online renewals 2993
Academic Librarian (HUM): Grant Young 2426
Academic Librarian (FMH): Matthew Smith 2412
Academic Librarian (SCI): Liz Clarke 1249
Academic Librarian (SCI): Rachel Henderson 2428
Academic Librarian (SSF): Kate Squire 1712
Academic Librarian (EDU and official publications): Lucy Fleming 3518
Information Skills Librarian: Emma Coonan 2430
Disability Liaison Officer: Catherine Breame 3507
Archives and Special Collections 3491
Learning and Resources Centre (LaRC) 2102
Health Sciences Library (King's Lynn) 01553 613959
Print Services 2204
Comments and suggestions online forms  

Information Services Directorate Information Services Directorate

  Email address Tel. extension
Director of Information Services:    
ISD Office Manager: Janet Hayward 2425
ISD Office (general enquiries about ISD) 2425 / 2102

ICT Systems ICT Systems

  Email address Tel. extension
ICT Systems Director: Iain Reeman 2926
Head of Networking: Pete Andrews 3804
Data Centre Manager: Dominic Belisario 3207
Head of Systems: Jon Woodley 2415
Head of Research Computing: Leo Earl 3856

Corporate Information Services Corporate Information Services

  Email address Tel. extension
CIS Director:    
Assistant CIS Director: Paul Hooper 1029
Team Leader of Database Administration: David Lord 2344
Head of Operations: Thompson Zulu 1975
Head of Development: Ben Petley 3662
Senior Development Specialist: Robin Keith 2691

Faculty IT Support Faculty IT Support

  Email address Tel. extension
Assistant Director Faculty IT Support: Mark Jones 2442
IT Support Manager: SCI / FMH: Malcom Rae 3305
IT Account Manager: HUM / SSF / CEN: Keith Porter 3560
IT Service Desk Manager: Tony Robinson 2439
Head of Learning Technology: Alicia McConnell 1250

Strategy, Policy and Compliance Team Strategy, Policy and Compliance Team

  Email address Tel. extension
Assistant Director Strategy, Policy and Compliance: Raymond Scott 3651
Information Policy & Compliance Manager: Dave Palmer 3523
Information Policy & Compliance Manager: Ellen Paterson 2431
Information Security Manager: Philip Ayers 3994
Print Services Manager: Chris Browne 2488