You said.... We did.... You said.... We did....

We have listened to your feedback and have made some changes. Contact or and tell us what you think.

“More access to PCs during peak times. It is often frustrating to find a PC in the library just for 10 minutes to print something!”
We have put 4 stand-up PCs near the printers on Floor 0 which we hope will ease the problem of finding a free PC when you need to just print your work out. You can also use the remote student desktop and send jobs to PrintPlus+ from your own device by visiting or by emailing documents to or
“Allow food and coffee into the library. We need areas where you can eat and study within the library”
We have changed the rules on food and drink in the library so that drinks in lidded cups are now allowed in all areas of the library and cold snacks are allowed on both Floor 0 and Floor 1.
“More e-books and more course material should be put on Blackboard”
Last semester, the library launched Reading Online – a major new service aiming toprovide a much greater volume of course reading material online. The service can now be accessed via Blackboard from the ‘My Studies Menu’ within Blackboard.
“We need supported software for students with learning needs”

ClaroRead Plus, software for supporting reading and writing, is now networked on all student PCs on campus. You can also access the software on your own device via the remote student desktop service.

“Individual study room bookings need to be done more efficiently. The bookable group study room website needs to update more regularly!”
From the start of this academic year we have introduced a new webpage for booking group study rooms that links through to an availability screen, which we hope makes the system of booking these rooms easier. We plan to roll this out to the individual study rooms as well, once we have made some further improvements to the system, such as a more frequent refresh rate for the availability screen and an ability to cancel bookings.


We welcome your feedback, email or