People page FAQ's People page FAQ's

I’m a member of staff - my title, first name or surname is wrong

Please contact your HR representative to update your record in the HR system. For name changes, you will need supporting documentation such as a wedding certificate, change of name deed or evidence of title.
The HR system allows for a preferred forename (e.g. Alex rather than Alexander) and for a professional first/surname (e.g. if after getting married you which to retain your maiden name).
Changes to these details will appear on your person record one day after the record has been changed in the HR system. Please note changing your name in the HR system does not automatically change your email address or the address (URL) of your web page.

I’m a (PG) research student - my title, first name or last name is wrong

Name details for PGR students are held in the Student Information System (SITS). Please contact the relevent Hub  You will need proof of your new name.

I’m a visiting associate of UEA - my title, first name or first name is wrong

Name details for visitors and other associated staff are held in the Identity Management System (SPOT). Please contact the IT Helpdesk to change these details. You will need proof of your new name.

I’m an honorary member of staff - my title, first name or surname is wrong

Name details for honorary staff are held in the HR System (ResourceLink). Please contact your HR representative to change these details. You will need proof of your new name.
Note honorary is an official staff category, which indicates the person has been awarded honorary status by the University.

How do I change the web address (URL) for my personal profile?

Currently the URL for your page is automatically generated based on your unique email address. So and email address of has a page url of /r-smith.
If your name changes, your email is NOT automatically updated to reflect this - as that could result in messages to you being lost. See the section on email addresses to change your email address

How do I change the email displayed on my personal profile?

Please contact the IT Helpdesk for changes to email address.
Usually changing your email address will only be allowed when your name in the HR system has been changed.
Changing your email address will also change your person page URL. If you have lots of ‘inbound links’ i.e. links to your people page from other websites, a ‘redirect’ can be set up to send web traffic from your old URL to the new URL.  Please contact the Digital Marketing team to request this.

My phone number or room is wrong, or out of date.

Please contact the switchboard to update your phone number or room number.
The process for moving rooms normally includes the organiser contacting telephony with updated information, so if you are moving as part of a larger group, your details may be updated as part of that process.
VOIP phone users generally take the phone, and the extension number with them.
Note that UEA London extension numbers need to be flagged to Telephonists to ensure the write code prefix is used.
Building names are maintained by Estates, and any changes to building names are handled en-mass.

My details have been changed by HR/Student Records/IT Helpdesk but are not appearing on the website.

Changes made to your records should appear on the website the following day.
You can confirm that most changes have been made by looking at your record in the Identity Management System (SPOT), and many changes will also be reflected in the Global Address List in Microsoft Outlook (Exchange).

How do I edit my biography/research interests/teaching/external/admin activities?

Use Pure to edit these fields. In Pure, press Edit Profile, and scroll down to the section marked Profile Information. Choose the relevant section and click Edit.When changes have been made, press update, and then press the Save button.

My publications are wrong

on Overview or Research tabs

Research outputs listed on these tabs are in the text of your profile, and NOT as research outputs in Pure.These lists won’t be automatically updated as new publications are added to Pure.
The best approach to turn these text lists into research output records in Pure. These will appear on the Publications tab, which are automatically updated as publications are recorded in Pure.
Pure has the ability to import research output meta data from the online sources: PubMed, Scopus, CrossRef and ArXiv, and from files in the following formats: BibTex, RIS (as output by EndNote, ReferenceManager, RefWorks, Web of Science) and ‘CERIF in action’.

on Publications tab

You can use Pure to maintain your research output meta data.
 If you have missing publications, you can import them from online sources such as Scopus or PubMed, or import for files in suitable formats, for example RIS format files produced by EndNotes.
Pure can also automatically query online sources for publications which are likely to be yours, which you can then choose to import (or not) 

I only want to display highlighted or indicative publications

Use the CV function in Pure to select a list of highlighted publications.
If you have selected a list of highlighted publications, the Publications tab of your web page will display only highlighted publications initially, with a link to display all the publications linked to you in Pure.

I have made changes in Pure but they are not appearing on my page

Updates in Pure will not appear immediately on the website as the pages are ‘cached’ for performance. To force changes to be applied, go to your web profile page, and add ?cache=false to the web address. You will need to remove the ‘hashtag’ (e.g. #adminTab) from the end of the address first.

I have an additional job role which doesn’t appear on my profile

Please contact ISD to discuss this. The people pages display job information from the roles set-up in the HR database. Some additional roles, especially Head of School, are not recorded in the HR system for payroll reasons. These additional roles 

For privacy/security reasons my profile should not be displayed

This functionality is not currently supported.

A current member of staff/student is missing from a list

Each staff list is configured with the staff (or student) category/categories it should display.  The staff category is maintained in the HR system against each job role, and in SITS against each course. People can have more than one role, in different departments, and will appear on multiple lists.
If someone does not appear on a list you expect, or appears on a list you don’t expect, the most likely reason is the staff category in HR is different to that expected. There can be a number of reasons for this, please raise this with your HR representative.

Someone who has left is displayed in a list

In most instances, when staff leave, the contract will be given an end date, through normal HR processes, which will stop the person appearing on the website staff lists.
If somebody who has left is still appearing on a list, please raise this with your HR representative.

Someone deceased is displayed in a list

In the first instance, contact the relevant HR representative. They will be able to mark the person’s record as deceased in the HR data, and ensure that any roles, including honorary roles have an end-date added.

We wish to change the way the School people listings are displayed

If you want to change the way the Faculty or School people page listings are displayed, contact 

My query is not any of the above

If your query cannot be answered by any of the above, please email in the first instance.