People pages general information People pages general information

General guidance

All the fields are optional; If you do not complete one of the below fields, it won't show on your people page.
If no fields for a tab are completed, the tab will not show.

Don't manually list out publications: these now feed automatically to the publications tab. (For schools that previously did not automatically list out publications using EPrints, it will be necessary to delete the manual lists of publications that are currently in the biography, key research interests or other fields.)

Try to keep each field to a maximum of 500 words. You can include images in a profile field, but if you need more than a few images, or more than 500 words, consider if this content should be on the school research pages instead.

People lists 

Categorisation of people into the following lists is based on data fed from HR for staff and SITS for research students:

  • Academic Staff
  • Academic Teaching and Research Staff
  • Academic Teaching and Scholarship Staff
  • Associate Tutors
  • Honorary Staff
  • Research Staff
  • Research Students
  • Support Staff
  • Technical Staff

Staff lists are only shown on a school if there are people in those lists. By default, ATR and ATS staff are listed together under the 'Academic Staff' list, except where schools/faculties have explicitly requested separate lists of ATR and ATS staff.

If you have a manually created list of staff, profiles will not update automatically.


To ensure that the people pages load quickly and are resilient in the case of high demand, the content on the web pages only updates every 12 hours. If you have made changes in Pure you can force the people page to reload the data from Pure by clicking on the 'Click to get a fresh copy' link.