Template Guidance Template Guidance

These templates are designed to help you in creating and maintaining your internal facing pages. 

They are similiar to the external website pages but designed to be less marketing focused and more task focused for staff/students/visitors to find the information they are looking for. The task-focused nature of our internal content means more Calls to Action (CTA) may be required eg.

  • important contact numbers 
  • highlighting new or updated documents/forms
  • social media feeds
  • latest news
  • highlighting important meetings or announcements

For more information or help

Email: digitalmarketing@uea.ac.uk

Content Essentials Content Essentials

Copy and pasting content

Always ensure content is pasted as plain text or from Word only. 

Consistent tone of voice

Ensure the 'we/us/our' tone of voice is consistent across the internal departments and pages. eg:

  • Our security team is on hand..../ We have a dedicated team here at the UEA...


  • The University security team... / The UEA has a dedicated security team... 

Enable spellcheck

The spell checker is not automatically enabled so you will need to enable this each time you create/edit a portlet. To do this, click on the ABC tick icon and click on 'Enable SCAYT'.

Saving images and files in Liferay Saving images and files in Liferay

When saving images and documents into Liferay, ensure you create folders with clear naming conventions so you can easily find your images/documents. eg:

Estates (main folder)

Travel and Transport (sub folder)

Banner images
Visual menu images
On page images
PDF documents
Word forms

Images and documents Images and documents

Where do I get images?

What sizes should they be?

Banner Images, and images in the slideshow
•    should always be 940 x 250 px
     (IMPORTANT - whenever you add an image link, you should un-check the ‘Searchable' checkbox

Image link/visual menu images 
•    should always be 225 x 150 px

On-page images
•    If there is more than one on a page, they should ideally be of the same width
•    A sensible image width for consistency would be 225px (same as image links above)

How can I edit my images?

You can download Paint.net to amend and resize your images. Search 'programs and files' from your bottom left windows start button and type in 'software center'. This will open the software center and from there you can search and install Paint.net.


  • Review the type of document, if it is guidance-led, can this be transferred to a web page? If it is a form, can this be made into a web form? Large strategy, policy or audit documents should ideally stay as pdfs. 
  • Documents should be in pdf format (where possible)

Social Media Icons Social Media Icons

Using social media icons

Standard icons such as Twitter, Facebook, RSS and Youtube and can be found in

  • Documents and Media > Portal Guidance  > Social Media Icons
  • These will need to be resized to 50px x 50px 

Inserting Twitter feeds

(is there set guidance for the Twitter plug-in somewhere?)

Do's and Dont's Do's and Dont's


Keep it simple and task focused

Always put the key information near the top -consider the key objective of the page - pull out the essential Call to Action's

Consider the user journey 

Think about what your audience top tasks are / what they have come to the site to do; this will help you map their journey

Use the standard templates

These have been set up both to give clear, consistent layouts to each section of the website and to make it easier for you to create and maintain

Think of every page as a landing page

Present each page in a properly-branded, user-friendly fashion. This could be the first page a visitor lands on – make that first impression a positive one

Highlight related links

Drive your audience to related pages / content by clear use of image links / hyperlinks

Update your content

Dont leave your content to go out of date, you will lose the confidence of your audience and they will be unlikely to return

Portlet Toppers

Highlight simply what the page is about, not fancy words or long sentances

Think about the device

Think about how your key audience accesses the web - desktop, mobile, ipad

Fix broken links

Again to inspire confidence in the audience - if they click on a broken link, they may very well just give up


Don't over populate

Users tend to scan rather than read most web content - Help your audience by not over-populating pages and keep hyperlinks relevant to your page content.

Don't focus on images and forget about the content 

Images bring the pages alive and make them look great but essentially it is the text on the page that provides the information

Don't use your pages as a departmental archive

The pages built up in Polopoly became a dumping ground for old content. Help ensure we keep this new site fresh and up-to-date giving the audience confidence that all information is correct.

Don't change colour or font styling

The set colours and fonts are to help help enhance our website's accessibility 

Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

How do I add a web form?


PDF documents/ version control/ URLs


Can I add logos/icons onto my images/pages?



Got a question, or some best practice to share? Post it on Yammer! Got a question, or some best practice to share? Post it on Yammer!