Important information about Winter Graduation Important information about Winter Graduation

Online Registration

Online registration is now open and all eligible students have been sent an email with details of how to register. 

Do I have to register?

Yes, you are required to register to enable us to issue your certificate. You will also need to confirm whether or not you wish to attend the Graduation ceremony in July to celebrate your achievement.

When is the registration deadline?

Your online registration will need to be completed no later than 30 October 2017.

What date will appear on my certificate?

Your official conferment date will be 1 December 2017.

When can I expect to receive my certificate?

Providing you have registered prior to the deadline your certificate will be sent shortly after 1 December 2017.

How will my certificate be sent?

Your certificate will be sent using one of the following services:

Via Royal Mail 1st Class to a UK address


Via Airmail to a NON UK address

Can I upgrade the delivery service?

If your certificate is being sent to a NON UK address you have the option to upgrade your delivery to DHL at a cost of £35.00. This would mean delivery usually within 2-4 days of despatch (exceptions apply) together with a full tracking service. If you wish to make use of this service please email no later than 27 November 2017.

Can you email me a scanned copy of my Graduation certificate?

We can email you a scanned copy of your Graduation certificate at a cost of £6.00. This would mean a scanned copy would be sent on 1 December 2017 prior to your certificate being despatched.

Please note it will not be possible to send an email copy prior to 1 December 2017 or after your certificate has been despatched. If you wish to make use of this service please email no later than 27 November 2017.

Can my certificate be collected from the University?

No, unfortunately we do not allow personal collections. Your certificate will be mailed using one of the options above.

Can I still attend the Summer Graduation ceremony in July?

Yes. When completing the online registration you will be required to confirm your attendance for Summer Graduation. We will then contact you nearer the time with further details.

Outstanding Debt

If you are still in academic related debt to the University on 1 December 2017 we will be unable to confer your award and issue your certificate as per University regulations. Please contact if you have any queries relating to this matter.

Transcripts & Mark Statements

Please note that your official transcript & mark statement is issued separately by your Hub and will NOT be delivered with your Graduation certificate (including a scanned copy). Please contact your Hub directly with any queries relating to transcripts or mark statements.

Failure to report a missing certificate

If you fail to notify us by the end of March 2018 that you have still not received your certificate you will have to apply for a replacement certificate via our Student Records department for which charges will apply.