Summer graduation 2019 FAQs Summer graduation 2019 FAQs

When exactly does Graduation 2019 take place? 

Summer Graduation 2019 is taking place in the week commencing 15 July 2019.


Do other universities offer more guest tickets than UEA?  

No. Most universities have strict restrictions on tickets - usually only guaranteeing two guests per student, and usually imposing a charge. UEA is one of the few universities which does not make a charge for attending Graduation. 


Why did the University use Carrow Road last year?

Congregation Hall was not available due to essential maintenance.  This meant that the University had to take the event off campus last year.


Why not keep the event at Carrow Road?

Whilst Carrow Road provided a very good venue there was significant feedback from students who were upset that the event did not take place on campus and they could not show their families and guests around the University campus.


Why can’t the ceremony be held in Norwich Cathedral, Norwich Theatre Royal, St Andrew’s Hall, Norwich Castle or Norfolk Showground? 

All of the above options have been seriously considered during our venue research but unfortunately all have been ruled out due to availability, infrastructure or capacity issues. Norwich Cathedral, for example, has less than half the capacity of Congregation Hall. Staging Graduation in the Cathedral would therefore mean either dramatically reducing the number of guests permitted per student or extending Graduation by an extra week. Another difficulty is that the Cathedral would have to remain open to the public throughout the event.


Has the university considered holding the ceremony in a marquee on campus? 

Yes. The university has carefully explored the option of staging Graduation 2018 in a marquee on campus. There were a number of concerns with this option, including;

  • Weather – strong winds and/or rain can have a major effect, bringing many health and safety implications. Marquees can also become uncomfortable in hot weather.
  • Mobility issues - due to a lack of flat ground on campus, guests with mobility issues would have to make their way to a marquee that is some distance away from the nearest available drop-off point.
  • Restricted view – with up to 1,500 guests attending each ceremony, the marquee would have to be long and thin. This would mean a restricted view of the stage for some guests.