Guest and Ticket Information Guest and Ticket Information

How do I secure guest tickets for my Graduation?

During the Graduation registration you will be prompted to complete a section relating to guest tickets.

How many guest tickets can I request?

We welcome you to celebrate your day with family and friends. Seating in Haydn Morris Hall (where the ceremony takes place) is limited and we can only guarantee a maximum of three guest tickets to each student graduating in person.

Are children allowed to attend Graduation?

Children of any age are welcome to attend Graduation. Children aged two and over will require their own ticket and must be seated in their own seat. We would politely request that you leave the hall should your child become unsettled during the ceremony.

Is there a possibility of receiving more than three guest tickets?

If we have any extra guest tickets available once Graduation registration has closed, we will allocate these via a ballot system during June. If you would like to enter the ballot, please indicate this during the Graduation registration task when prompted. We will let you know if your entry has been successful via email by the end of June.

Extra ceremony tickets are not guaranteed and any advance arrangements regarding your party's travel or accommodation are made at your own risk.

Will my guests with a ticket be able to sit anywhere in the hall?

All of your guests with a ticket will be allocated a specific seat within the hall. The seat number will be printed on the ticket and all of your party will be seated together.