Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions

Why does the award I am expecting not appear when registering online?

The course you are/were enrolled on will appear during the task. You may not necessarily complete this course therefore the award you achieve may differ from your intended award. The task will not confirm your achieved award.

Will I get the opportunity to check my official name when registering online?

During the registration you will be asked to check your official name as it is currently held on University records.

How do I notify you if my official name held on your records is incorrect?

You will be asked to confirm if your official name is correct. Selecting 'No' will give you the opportunity to email your Hub with the correct version of your Official Name.

What will happen if I do not inform the University of an error with my official name?

If you fail to ensure your official name is correct prior to the pass list being produced, and as a result a new pass list and/or certificate is required; you will be charged an administration fee of £120.00.   

When will I be notified of my results?

Your Hub will contact you regarding your results. Please contact them directly if you have a results query.

Will my official transcript be sent with my certificate?

No. Your official transcript is a separate document issued by your Hub.