Information on debts Information on debts

If you fail to pay your invoices and have not had an extension of time to pay agreed, you may be suspended from the University and will be re-admitted only with permission of the Vice-Chancellor and after payment of the full amount of the account including any late fees.  Students who have been suspended by the University must pay their account within twelve months otherwise they will be deemed withdrawn.

If you have any debts owing to the University from a previous academic year (including fines and instalments due during a break or vacation) you may not be allowed to re-register at the start of the new year and the University may take County Court action to recover these debts.

You should also be aware that students who do not clear their debts may have their campus card de-activated and that no degree, diploma or other qualification will be conferred upon any person who has outstanding debts on completion of their course of study.

If you leave with debts to the University outstanding and have made no arrangement to settle the debt or do not keep to a payment arrangement, the University can take further steps to recover the debt. In relation to international students the University may employ the services of an international debt collection agency. This will increase the amount recoverable to include the cost of employing debt collectors. For home students the University may institute court proceedings to recover the debt and the legal costs incurred.