Income Banking Procedure Income Banking Procedure

Under Financial Regulation 3.25 all monies, including cheques, cash, postal orders and foreign money orders, received on behalf of the University or a University Company shall be banked promptly.

All monies shall be paid into the Finance Division Cashiers Office for banking except where arrangements for direct banking by a Unit have been specifically authorised by the Director of Finance.

Monies paid in shall be accompanied with the following information:

  1. Date of pay in
  2. Name and Unit of person paying in
  3. Payment Analysis
  4. Total paid in

and either:

  1. Invoice number(s) and value(s)
  2. Account name and account number (if known)

Where the payment is in settlement of an invoice:

  1. Description of supply(ies)
  2. QL Ledger Code(s) to be credited and value(s)

Where no invoice has been raised:

  1. Cash payments must be brought by hand to the Cashiers Office as cash must not be sent by internal mail. The cash analysis is required.
  2. Cheque payments must be properly made out (ie it has the correct payee, a valid date, the words and figures agree, and it is signed) and must be listed giving the payer's name and the value.
  3. Other payments (eg Postal Orders or Money Orders) must be listed by type and value.
  4. Credit Card/Debit Card payments must comply with the issuer's terms and conditions.

The following Cashiers Remittance Forms are available on the Finance Intranet or click below:

FORM UEA 21 (PDF) which can be used for all types of payments

FORM UEA 30 (PDF) which is to be used for invoice payments only

FORM UEA 32 (PDF) which is to be used for ledger code payments only

Units may adapt these forms for their specific use provided the required information is always included.