Travel Advice: Coronavirus Update Travel Advice: Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus update

Last updated 17/03/2020

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How to book travel insurance How to book travel insurance

There is no charge for UEA Travel Insurance however the University will no longer fund travel insurance which has been sourced from an alternative provider.

Please ensure that you arrange travel insurance at least two weeks in advance of your departure date. 

Staff and students (where applicable) are not automatically covered under the UEA Travel Insurance Policy. Each trip must be declared to insurers via the attached form (A or B). Once complete, please download the policy documentation attached to this page.


A. For UEA Travel Insurance please complete this form for each individual

B. For travel insurance for groups of over four travellers, it will be easier to complete the Group Booking Form. Once complete, please send by email to insurance

referral process referral process

Cover WILL NOT automatically apply if:

  • You are travelling to any of the referral countries – if so, please complete the referral process. When travelling to any countries within the referral territories, please note it may take up to two weeks for insurers to confirm whether or not they can provide cover.
  • If your permanent place of residence is outside the UK and you are starting your trip from outside of the UK, please contact insurance.

What is covered by the UEA Insurance What is covered by the UEA Insurance

Insured Persons

Any Employee, governor or emeritus professor and their accompanying Partner and Children or any student travelling on behalf of and with the consent of the University and declared via the Travel Insurance Web-form. It is important that accompanying partners and/or children are notified separately to insurance before your trip. 

Trips outside the UK:

Whilst on any trip lasting no more than 12 months in connection with University business. Trips can include days added by the individual for personal reasons (the added personal days must be incidental and no more than 15 consecutive days).  

Trips within the UK:

 a) air travel within the Country of Domicile or

 b) any travel within the country of domicile provided such travel involves an overnight stay away from home or normal place of Business

Please note travel within the UK, as defined above, is automatically covered by the University Travel policy and you do not need to complete the online booking process.

What is not covered by UEA Travel Insurance What is not covered by UEA Travel Insurance

This is designed as a summary of the restrictions. For a full list, please refer to the Policy Wording.

  1. Destination of Travel

You are required to check the Foreign & Commonwealth Office Travel Advice when booking a trip and prior to travel. For trips to a destination where the Foreign Office “advise against all travel”, please refer to UEA Insurance. We will require a Risk Assessment completed in accordance with the UEA’s Overseas Travel Guidance. Travel to the following High Risk countries will also require referral to UEA Insurance with a Risk Assessment and a Sanctioned Questionnaire completed in addition, where applicable:

High Risk Locations

  • Afghanistan
  • Iraq
  • Mali
  • Niger
  • Nigeria (delta Region and North of Abuja only)
  • Libya

Sanctioned Locations

  • Iraq
  • Mali
  • Niger
  • Somalia
  • Nigeria - but only for travel to the Delta region and North of Abuja
  • Libya
  • Syria
  • Iran
  • North Korea
  1. Disinclination to travel
  2. Travelling against the advice of a Qualified Medical Practitioner
  3. Trips of more than 30 days duration taken by a person aged 75 or over
  4. Gradually operating cause
  5. Suicide or attempted suicide or intentionally inflicting self-injury
  6. Any person engaging in aviation as a pilot or crew member of an aircraft or other aerial device
  7. Personal Belonging valued at more than £2,500 unless the individual bears the first 25% of any amount in excess of £2,500 up to the replacement value of the item
  8. Loss of any items left in a motor vehicle unless kept out of sight in a locked boot or compartment
  9. Loss of money or theft or personal property must be reported to the Police within 24 hours of discovery with a Police Report or Crime number obtained
  10. Loss or damage to luggage unless reported immediately to the airline and a Property Irregularity Report obtained

Travel Documentation and checklist Travel Documentation and checklist


Travel Checklist

The University Insurance team have provided a useful travel checklist.

Claims Procedure Claims Procedure

In the event of an emergency (serious illness or accident or threat to your security whilst abroad) you (or your representative) should contact the 24 hour assistance helpline shown at the top of this page. 

You should not make any arrangements or pay any hospital bills directly, unless agreed with the helpline.

For any other claims, as soon as practicable following your return to the UK (or immediately in the case of cancellation claims) you should complete the appropriate claim form (see below) and send, with original receipts to insurance.

Travel Claim Forms

Personal Property


Fatal Accident

Medical Expenses

Personal Accident

Privacy Statement Privacy Statement

This information you provide will be held by the UEA to ensure you can comply with the conditions and exclusions of the UEA Travel Insurance policy. For full details of the ways in which the University will use your personal data please see our staff privacy notice [insert link]. The University has a legitimate interest in using your data for travel insurance purposes, and where we are required to collect sensitive or ‘special category’ data about you, we will do so with your consent. By completing this form you are consenting to our use of this type of data.  

Any information provided within a claim form, risk assessment and/or sanctions questionnaire is provided to our insurers for underwriting purposes and to ensure the UEA Travel Insurance policy remains operative for your particular trip. 

Please refer to your Travel Insurance Policy Wording for our insurers Data Protection statement.

All information is retained by the UEA for a period of twelve months. 

If you would like your information deleted at any time, please inform insurance