Director of Finance, Planning and Governance Director of Finance, Planning and Governance

Name Position Phone Email
Jason Brown Director of Finance, Planning & Governance 2108
Lynne Owen PA to Director of Finance, Planning & Governance 2767

Management Accounting Management Accounting

Name Position Phone Email
Gavin Clarke Head of Management Accounting 2101
Stuart Laws Management Accountant - Cost & Capital  2213
Maxine Newey Central Management Accountant 3788
Jason Dewhurst Central Management Accountant 3807
Chris Penn Faculty Finance Manager - Humanities 2684
Peadar Langan Faculty Finance Manager - Science 2088
Barbara Johnson Faculty Finance Manager - Social Science 7320
Helen Latham Faculty Finance Manager - Health 1008
Mark Thompson Estates Finance Manager 2609

Accounts Payable Accounts Payable

Name Position Phone Email
Accounts Payable Mailbox
Elaine Osborne Accounts Assistant
Nicola Mainwaring Accounts Assistant
Reuben Thompson Accounts Assistant

Accounts Receivable Accounts Receivable





Accounts Receivable Mailbox

Tracy Erskine

Accounts Receivable Manager


Angela Clover

Accounts Assistant


Caroline Reynolds

Accounts Assistant


Lynn Kerin

Accounts Assistant


James Macdonald

Accounts Assistant



Cashiers Cashiers

Name email Phone
Cashiers 2687

Financial Accounting Financial Accounting

Name Position Phone Email
Rhoda Wolf Head of Financial Accounting 3780
Manuela Moxon Financial Accountant 1695
Lesley Hanner Company Accountant 1162
Matthew Russen Accounts Assistant 2111
Leanne Peel Accounts Assistant 2683

Insurance Insurance

Name Position Phone Email
Insurance Mailbox
Oliver Whitham Insurance Officer 2729

Payroll Payroll

Name Position Phone Email
Payroll Mailbox
Sophie Chapman Head of Payroll and Pensions 3484
Chris Lynds Senior Payroll Administrator 2678
Matt Horlock Payroll Project Officer 1083
Gary Reynolds Payroll Clerk 1082
Kerry Powles Payroll Clerk 3963
Tracy Irons Payroll Clerk 3021
Tracy Seville Payroll Clerk 1080
Nicola Buskell Payroll Clerk 2677
Caroline Wells Accounting Technician 3485

Pensions Pensions

Name Position Phone Email
Pension Mailbox
Sophie Chapman Head of Payroll and Pensions 3484
Duncan Sides Superannuation Administrator 2676
Teresa McCarthy Pensions Administrator 1211
Michelle Carey Pensions Administrator 2674
Melanie Garrod Pensions Administrator 1081

Procurement Procurement

Procurement enquiries should be sent to the procurement inbox, this includes queries regarding single actions and new supplier set ups.





Oversight of:

Rob Bloomer

Head of Procurement       


Regulations, Policy and Strategy

Claire Woodcroft

Category Manager     


Estates, Library, Catering

Steve Whitehead     

Category Manager


Science. ITCS, RIN

Sonny Gardiner

Trainee Procurement Officer



Lisa Donaldson

Procurement Assistant


New Supplier Set Ups; Single Actions



Name Position Phone Email
UBW Mailbox
Ian Hamshaw Systems Accountant 3700
Jason Bird Finance Systems Support Officer 2109