Health & Safety Health & Safety

Safety information for the entire science faculty, including details specific to CAP, is available from the Faculty health and safety pages here.

Code of practices for each school within the faculty are also available on those pages.

CAP Health and Safety Committee as of 14/1/20

  • Joseph Wright (Chair, Inorganic Safety Adviser)
  • Alex Morritt (Student Rep pgr PHA)
  • Andrew Hemmings (Biological Safety Officer)
  • Andrew Mayes (Lead Radiation Protection Supervisor)
  • Aram Saeed (Pharmacy Safety Adviser)
  • Hanna Maliszewska (Student Rep pgr CHE)
  • VACANT - (UNITE Union representative) 
  • Judith Mayne (Faculty teaching Laboratory Manager)
  • Kevin Vincent (CHE Contract Research Staff Rep)
  • Laura Spawls (Teaching Laboratory Co-ordinator)
  • Marco Cominetti (PHA Contract Research Staff Rep)
  • November Walker - (Student Rep u/g CHE)
  • Paul Disdle - Research Laboratory Co-ordinator
  • Paul Topham (Research Laboratory Manager)
  • Rachel Smith (Secretarial and Clerical Staff Representative)
  • Rosemary Norton (Human Tissue Safety Officer)
  • Stephen Ashworth (CAP LASER Safety Officer)
  • Stephen Moore (Health & Safety Manager)
  • Stephanie (Tsz) Ho (Student Rep u/g PHA)
  • Tom Storr (Organic Safety Adviser)
  • VACANT (Electrical Safety Officer)
  • VACANT (UCU Union Representative)