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Shipping Dangerous Goods and Samples via Courier -

All enquiries regarding the shipment of dry ice parcels and other hazardous good should be directed Phil Wilson ( and Andy Macdonald ( in the first instance.  Samples on dry ice or any chemicals require the services of trained personnel.  This means that you can no longer arrive at the Goods Office with your parcel and expect same day service, please see Phil or Andy to make arrangements in advance.

Any parcels containing dangerous goods or dry ice will not be accepted for shipping by Goods Office staff until prior arrangement has been made.

Dangerous Goods shipments will need specialist handling which cannot be offered the same day. If you require this service please contact Andy Macdonald ( who is helping to ease this transition to the new Goods Office operating level.

Non hazardous parcels and packages
These can be sent via the SCI Goods Office. They can arrange for packages of any size/weight to go almost anywhere in the world. Some countries do have restrictions on what can be sent to or via that country.  Please ensure that you have put you address and the receivers address (including post/zip code) on the package, and telephone numbers for international packages.  Before any package can be sent you must complete a Courier Request Form with full details of where it is being shipped, including a post or zip code and international packages must have a contact number for the receiver.  Download the courier request form HERE (PDF format).

Your forward planning is very much appreciated.