Procedure for cleaning laboratories Procedure for cleaning laboratories

Regular cleaning of laboratories is shortly to be resumed. Most laboratories are scheduled to be cleaned once a week and the cleaning day allocated to each laboratory (it will be the same day every week) is displayed on a notice outside each laboratory. A spreadsheet will shortly be uploaded that details which laboratories are on the schedule and on which day they will be cleaned.

The evening before cleaning is due (or Friday evening if cleaning is scheduled for a Monday), the laboratory users must prepare the laboratory for cleaning and the last person to leave will post a signed and completed safe-to-clean notice on the laboratory door. See Section 3 of the attached Research Laboratory Cleaning Policy for guidance on arrangements for late/weekend working.

We have made re-usable laminated copies of the safe-to-clean notice which can be found in the document holders mounted outside each laboratory door.

Any staff filling out the Safe-To-Clean declaration must first confirm that they have read and understood the Research Laboratory Cleaning Policy (PDF).