Procurement Guidelines:

Before commiting to any expenditure from UEA budgets please check if the below applies and has been completed:

  • IR35 checks for 'personal service companies'
  • 3 quotes or tenders for expenditure over £5k / £25k (unless with approved preferred suppliers).
  • The supplier is approved for use on UBW (to request a new supplier click here for guidance). If your purchase is a one-off (meaning that the UEA has not used that supplier before and the entire purchase contract with the supplier it is less than £5,000 inc. VAT) then please contact the SCI-FIN office to arrange for a 'one-off' order - please send a purchase requisition form with your email and we will check that the supplier has not been used before.
  • That any terms, conditions or restrictions of your project funder have been met (contact your RIN finance administrator for further guidance).

Quick Guides for UBW self-service:

Guides for using UBW can be found here. The UBW helpdesk team provide training weekly on campus - please contact them at to make arrangements.

Expense Claims:

Staff expenses reimbursement must be claimed electronically through UBW. 

Student and non-staff expenses claims are processed on paper with original receipts attached availble here, theses are published and maintained by FPG.


Advances and Conferences:

The Science Faculty Finance office also have bespoke forms for particular functions such as getting a cash or currency advance and setting up conferences.  Please contact us at for more information.