Top Tips Top Tips

  1. If you’re not sure about something – ask your School Office or HUM Finance  
  2. Ask for and keep receipts  
  3. Submit expenses online every month
  4. Only use expenses for travel and the costs you incur when you’re travelling
  5. Don’t pay for something yourself where UEA can (and should be)
  6. If you need to buy something make sure you have a budget (and code); and access to a Purchasing Card (less than £500) or ABW to raise a Purchase Order
  7. If you need to spend more than £5,000 – check the Buying Overview diagram as you will need quotes or support from Procurement
  8. Preferred suppliers are preferred for a reason and have successfully tendered – they may not be the cheapest but we have a legal obligation to use them
  9. Always use your work email to communicate with suppliers
  10. All invoices should be addressed to UEA – or they will be returned to suppliers 

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