Expenses – claimants’ responsibilities

  1. Claims for staff expenses must be authorised by the budget holder before any commitment is made.
  2. All forms should be completed electronically, printed off and passed to an authorised signatory for authorisation, handwritten forms will be not be paid and will be returned to the claimant. You can attach a separate sheet if there isn't enough room on the form.
  3. Claims for expenses should be submitted to the Faculty Finance Office, within one month of the expense being incurred, unless exceptional circumstances (such as working abroad) apply.
  4. Claims may be made on the staff expenses form for travel, conference/course fees, meals, accommodation and other minor out of pocket expenses only.
  5. You must specify the purpose of claim, attach original receipts and specify who attended meals. Ensure codes are referenced on the form.

Allowable Expenses Allowable Expenses

Image illustrating what you can claim on expenses

What you can’t claim on expenses What you can’t claim on expenses

Image illustrating items that cannot be claimed on expenses