Assuring Teaching Quality Assuring Teaching Quality

The School’s Director of Learning and Teaching has responsibility for assuring teaching quality in the School. In the first instance, Module Organisers are responsible for the quality of their modules and responding to student feedback. The University module and course review process can be found on the Learning and Teaching section of the Portal. 

MB BS and Medicine with a Foundation Year Student evaluation

MED has its own student questionnaire which is analysed in house and Module Organisers will be sent relevant information in time to complete Module Monitoring returns. For further information contact Susan Miles.

National Student Surveys

UEA participates in national surveys of undergraduate students, postgraduate taught students and postgraduate research students. These are widely promoted centrally but all evidence indicates that direct requests from Course Directors and Module Organisers have the greatest effect on completion rates. Without good completion rates the detailed analysis of survey results cannot give as clear a picture as we would like and from which we can benefit. Analysis of survey results is carried out by the Business Intelligence Unit (BIU) and distributed via senior managers in the School.

Professional Body Accreditation

The majority of taught programmes in MED are accredited by Professional and Statutory Regulatory Bodies (PSRB). PSRB accreditation processes are generally accepted by the University as superceding the Quinquennial Course Review requirement. For more information, please speak to the Director of Learning and Teaching or your Learning and Teaching Service co-ordinator.

Peer observation of teaching Peer observation of teaching

In order to disseminate good practice the School supports a system of peer review which emphasises self-improvement, encouraging staff to encounter a range of approaches to teaching and supervision with the aim of achieving more effective student learning. 

More information can be found in the UEA Code of Practice on Peer Observation of Teaching

Evidence that Peer Observation has taken place can be discussed at your annual appraisal and we ask staff to record the fact that they have been peer observed with the Director of Learning and Teaching as all Schools are monitored on this.