Teaching Overview Teaching Overview

In this section, we list some information about teaching in general, and the MB BS programme in particular.  All course handbooks are published on the UEA website.

In addition, there is the intercalation section of the MED web pages that includes useful information on the MRes and other options open to MB BS students who wish to take an intercalated degree, usually between Year 4 and Year 5 of the MB BS.

Teaching takes place in MED on modules which have a taught credit value and which are taught by a team of academic and clinical colleagues. The MB BS curriculum is a five year Problem Based Learning (PBL) curriculum.

All taught modules are led by a Module Organiser, responsible for co-ordinating overall provision of the module. 

Lectures and seminars start on the hour in the morning and at ten past the hour in the afternoon. The duration of lectures and seminars is 50 minutes. All timetables are published on e:Vision and academic staff can download their e:Vision timetable to their Outlook calendar.

Module organisers (and for the MB BS, deputy heads of year) are responsible for providing the timetable to the Learning and Teaching Service (LTS). For more information about the timetabling policy and process, please see the UEA Timetabling and Room Booking policy document

MED has a complex process for creating both written exam papers and OSCEs. All academic and clinical colleagues involved with teaching are asked to take part in exam question writing, standard setting and marking. Questions must relate to Learning Outcomes which are reviewed annually in the summer, and for the MB BS, can be found in the PBL tutor guides.

For the MB BS and the MSc Physician Associate Studies, lecturers are required to provide their teaching presentations for Blackboard in advance of the lecture, by sending it to MED.Blackboard@uea.ac.uk. We are required to ensure this, particularly for the benefit of students with specific learning disabilities. Each module has a student representative who will approach lecturers to request their slides at the start of the lecture if they have not already been sent to Blackboard. The student representative will then load the slides onto a temporary Blackboard module called The Bridge so that students can view the material during the lecture. The slides are then retrieved from The Bridge and posted in the correct place on the Blackboard site for that module or theme.  

Key staff are listed in the Roles & Responsibilities document.

Honorary Appointments are offered in recognition of the particular status of a colleague working with UEA. To set these up, we will need a copy of your CV and a statement of your links to the School, including a description of your teaching and research input. For teaching colleagues the level of leadership demonstrated is a consideration in making the appointment. The Director of Research takes research linked appointments to MED Executive for consideration. Teaching related appointments are considered by Course Directors on behalf of MED Executive. Renewals of all honorary appointments are approved annually by MED Executive. 

If supported, Human Resources will write to the individual and hold information on the status at UEA level.  Further information is available from Catherine Butcher.