Plagiarism and Collusion Plagiarism and Collusion

The definition of plagiarism and collusion are written down in all student handbooks. If you are responsible for a student induction, please ensure that you include a session on plagiarism awareness and take a register for this session.

If a student is suspected of committing an act of plagiarism or collusion, the marker or Module Organiser should alert the Plagarism Officer straight away, and they will guide the case through the UEA procedure. 

The UEA’s policy on Plagiarism and Collusion is available on the Plagiarism and Collusion Portal pages

The University takes this extremely seriously, and anyone found guilty of plagiarism or collusion, will be invited to attend a panel meeting in which they will be presented with evidence by the marker, and be expected to make comments in relation to what has been found.  A decision will be made by the panel members regarding the mark that is to be awarded for the coursework in question.

If you are unsure about the plagiarism and collusion policy at UEA, please check with the MED Plagiarism Officer.

Please note that the Student Support Services (SSS) can help with further information in such matters and their Learning Enhancement Tutors can offer to discuss these issues with students.