Students with Specific Learning Disabilities Students with Specific Learning Disabilities

If a student is enrolled on your module or is your Advisee you may receive an email from LTS Hub early in the semester, detailing the student’s specific learning disabilities (SpLD), and the reasonable adjustments that will be required on behalf of the student.  Students who believe they have a specific learning disability should visit the Student Support Service for further advice or consult our Disability Liaison Officers Maggie Bunting, Katie Lightfoot (SpLD) or Judith Young (all PGT and PGR students).

Stickers for SpLD

Students may apply coloured stickers to their assignments to indicate that they have an SpLD. This option is available electronically when they submit coursework via eVision.

  • It is the student’s responsibility to collect these for course tests and coursework submissions.  Any student who fails to collect them cannot have them applied retrospectively. 
  • Stickers in Course tests – work will be marked in accordance with the Student Support Service guidelines
  • Stickers in Coursework – work with a sticker is marked on the same basis as all other students but the feedback provided will be more structured

Full Student Support Service guidelines on the optional sticker scheme are available here.

Finally, for MB BS OSCEs, Maggie Bunting advises on the application of reasonable adjustments. Information is available on Blackboard.